Passport Your People with Hebe

your own company’s training creation, delivery, testing, recording, management, monitoring and communication system. No ties. No strings. Control in your hands.

Bespeak your own training

Bespeak your own training. Target training to individuals and roles. Cut your training costs and make training time matter.

Training Passport

Every one of your staff will carry their training access and record with them, accessible on any platform and from any device. And every piece of training will be available to them, at all times, with key points and procedures. Training isn’t just training, it is the guide and hand for help with safe, compliant, day to day safe working, compliant working, working for you.

Protect your Business

By engaging your staff, you will improve your business performance. But if the worst happens, all records of training and engagement are there, at a click of a button, showing your policies, your procedures, your safe working practices all communicated, assessed, recorded and updated per individual member of staff. All training modules have inbuilt alerts to update. All modules are subject to version control. Hebe gives you demonstrable compliance, due diligence and institutional involvement in your business and your people.

Planning and Reports

Once set up, Hebe will manage your training, reporting only on the few who are not completing courses, not passing tests. Your training matrix is in full view, giving you a snapshot at any time on your staff position. Hebe works on alerts, to you, to your staff, to your trainers. Hebe helps you to plan and develop your staff skills base. Helps to create career paths and improvement ladders for your brightest and best. Hebe helps your business and helps you to understand your business. Engage with Hebe.

Hebe Data: serving you and supporting your business
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